Fincha trail

4 km (approximately 1.5 hours)
Walking or horse riding starts at Kala – 3300m above sea level – on the rim of the crater and takes you down to the Lake and the Harbor passing beautiful views and waterfalls along the way, from where you take a boat to the small island of Deber, visiting the monastery and Kirkos church. A further boat trip is recommended to the dramatic Emogil viewpoint, where you can observe the beauty of the lake.

Immogil trail

6.3 km (approximately 3 hours)
This trail to the hot spring valley takes one and a half hours, and one can observe and see the crystal clear water lying in the deep Crater Lake. In addition to this there are beautiful aquatic and terrestrial birds and mammals to watch.

Umbi trail

6 km (approximately 3.5 hours)
The Umbi trail passes through the Kigebi village and ends at the Umbi viewpoint, where you can familiarize yourself with the indigenous forest and alpine vegetation, Tilika valley, and the old watermills.

Bagoba-Abagalalcha trail

16 km (approximately 5 hours)
The Bagoba-Abagalalcha trail it is the longest trail at Wenchi, taking you along the rim of the lake on horseback and down to the valley on foot, and including an adventurous round trip through the Dawala hot springs and waterfall. On this trail you will see old watermills and the uniquely shaped deep natural basin and circular slopes, which are covered with alpine vegetation and trees.

Boat trail

1 km (approximately 35 mins)
A local boatman will take you across the lake by boat to the small monastery island from where you can observe the beauty of the lake and the Kirkos church. A further trip by boat will take you to the dramatic Immogil viewpoint. A 3 hour round trip through the Dawala hot spring valley is recommended.

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Hiking and Horse Riding in the Bale Mountains (GTZ in Ethiopia)
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